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19.12.2016   Judith x Urri: 9 puppies born today, 4 males and 5 females.

23.10.2016   New litter coming: IP2 Fluss-Strand Judith x IP3 Urri z Kurimskeho haje

20.09.2016   Unfortunately Elli gave birth to only one dead puppy.

31.08.2016   New litter coming: IP1 Fluss-Strand Elysee x Custer vom Wolfsblut

16.09.2015   New working results; F-S Esso JK3, FI KVA, F-S Ike IP2, F-S Jura IP2
    F-S Harro JK2, F-S Black Juan Marquez BH, F-S Black Juan Ibenez BH, F-S Judith BH, F-S Kosovo BH

26.03.2015   Faldo x Huti litter born, 6 males and 2 females. All puppies have homes.

25.01.2015   Huti succesfully mated today!

27.05.2014   See pictures of K-litter here .

11.04.2014   Elli's puppies were born today, six males and one female.

14.03.2014   Elli was in ultrasound today, puppies expected in April!

08.02.2014   Elli was succesfully mated!

20.10.2013   WUSV 2013:
                                37. Fluss-Strand Faldo (handler Esko Nykänen); A94 B76 C93 (263p)
                                -- Fluss-Strand Agila (handler Tuomas Wallius); A30 B86 C90

F-S Agila & Tuomas Wallius and F-S Faldo & Esko Nykänen

01.09.2013   SPL FM and WUSV qualifications:
                                2. Fluss-Strand Agila (handler Tuomas Wallius); A97 B90 C90 (277p)
                                3. Fluss-Strand Faldo (handler Esko Nykänen); A98 B88 C90 (276p)

F-S Freiherr, F-S Harro, F-S Hurma, F-S Faldo, F-S Agila & F-S Buddy

28.8-1.9.13   6 dogs bred by kennel Fluss-Strand entered for the SPL FM and WUSV qualifications in Kauniainen


My name is Esko Nykänen and I work as a dog handler in the Finnish Border Guard. I started working for the Finnish Border Guard in 1983 and recieved my first own border guard dog in 1995. At the moment part of my job includes close co-operation with police dog and border guard dog handlers of Eastern Finland.

Back in 1982 I performed my military service as a dog handler. I have also been in South-Lebanon and Beirut as a Finnish peacekeeper in the late 80's. During this period I came in close contact with protection work as I used a war dog in real situations.

I have been active in dogsports for the last 30 years and was qualified as a helper by SPL in 1998. During these years I have recieved lots of influence from Jari Vihersalo (kennel Russpelz) who acted as a helper for Russpelz Aleks and Russpelz Fhirra. Since 2000 I have trained 6 of my own dogs up to SchH3/IP3 and acted as a helper for 10 dogs participating to Finnish Masterships and WUSV qualifications.

My goal is to breed strong dogs with good prey drive and who are pleasant to work with in every aspect of protection work trials.

Past and present dogs

Linnanhaltijan Gagarin
  JK1, Finnish border guard dog

Russpelz Aleks
 SchH3, SPL FM2 '00, SPL FM5 '01, WUSV-participant '00 & '01

Russpelz Fhirra
 SchH3, SPL FM1 '05, SPL FM3 '06, WUSV-participant '05 & '06

Russpelz Hjalk
 SchH3, SPL FM-participant '07 & '08

Russpelz Ixa
 SchH3, Finnish border guard dog

Fluss-Strand Agila (handled by me 2009-2010)
 SchH3, SPL FM-participant '09 & '10

Fluss-Strand Faldo
 SchH3, SPL FM3 '13, SPL FM-participant '11, '12, '13 '14 & '15

Fluss-Strand Elysee

Fluss-Strand Black Juan Marquez

 Contact info

Esko Nykänen
phone: +358400-724249
e-mail: esko.nykanen@kennelfluss-strand.com

Jokiranta 31, 81720 Lieksa